The Doberman

dedicated to jake - 8-05-93 to 12-03-1998 and Max - 4-25-93 to 2-23-2006

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The Doberman - A wonderful family pet

While most people think of the Doberman as a guard dog, owners will tell you that they are also a wonderful family pet. This highly intelligent animal learns quickly while becoming your families best friend and your protector.

In the photo to the right, Max is the 5 pound poodle that was 3 months older than Jake, our 90 pound Dobie! Max raised Jake and was always the boss. Jake would have never thought about harming him.

At dinner time, Max would run across the living room to attack Jake. He would jump up and try to bite his neck, Jake would just wait until Max was through showing who was boss, then they would both go and eat. This was a nightly ritual and Jack wasn't allowed to go eat his dinner until after this little ritual.

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View Images that tells the story of a bond between 2 dogs:

Jake and Max


After we lost Jake, little Max went into mourning that lasted almost a year. He adopted a teddy bear that he carried around and slept on for the next 7 years of his life. . He had never played with or paid any attention to the teddy dear until after Jake passed. I have no idea why but, this was his way of coping.

About these special Pictures of Jake and Max

Relationships with our dogs not only create a special bond between human and animal but, as you can also see a deep bond was developed by 2 very unlikely dog companions. Jake never knew he was bigger and stronger than Max.

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